Financial consulting practice

Accounting services

Our company provides services on implementation of the functions of the chief accountant and conducting the financial and tax accounting in accordance with Russian accounting standards, including:

  • document management, control of the correctness of primary documents (acts, waybills, invoices, payment documents);
  • work with accounting software (1C, SAP),
  • conducting banking operations (client-bank);
  • currency control (opening transaction passports, certificates of currency transactions, currency payments)
  • formation of the book of purchases and sales; advance reports
  • payroll and social taxes’ calculation,
  • accrual of taxes and other obligatory payments (VAT, income tax, property tax, transport, land tax)
  • drawing up (formation) of all tax and accounting reports;
  • arrangement and keeping of separate VAT accounting in terms of applying the 0% (export) rate and operations that are not subject to VAT taxation
  • arrangement and keeping of separate accounting for income tax in the application of preferential tax rates and the combination of activities
  • arrangement and keeping of separate accounting for property tax in accordance with the requirements of legislation;
  • accounting of companies with separate divisions;
  • reporting for residents of TOSER Togliatti, SEZ (free economic zone) Togliatti, reports of residents of Zhigulevskaya Dolina;
  • submission of reports to the Federal Tax Service, as well as declarations, reports and other information required in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, to the pension fund, social insurance fund, statistical bodies and other state organizations;
  • support of the company during the audit according to Russian accounting standards.

In addition, experts of our company are ready to provide the necessary consulting support in resolving issues of a financial nature, including developing solutions to emerging issues in the field of recording transactions in accounting and management reporting for business owners.