Financial consulting practice

IFRS Consulting

Only continuously developed professionalism, accumulated and multiplied experience, allow us to provide our clients with transparent financial reports.

Our company offers the following services in the field of consulting on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS):

  • Preliminary verification of the correctness of accounting data under RAS before carrying out data transformation in accordance with IFRS;
  • Transformation of data in IFRS, both of a separate company, and the company included in the group;
  • Consultations on drafting of accounting policies and formation of a chart of accounts in accordance with IFRS;
  • Support of the company during the audit under IFRS standards;
  • Preparation of financial reporting forms (balance sheet, profit and loss statement);
  • Preparation of an explanatory note reflecting the material facts of the company's business for the reporting period and the procedure for their reflection in IFRS statements;
  • Consultancy in the correctness of reflection of non-standard operations in IFRS and their impact on financial statements.