United Experts Group

United Experts Group – association of professionals. Member companies of the Group feature teams of experienced consultants in different business fields. All of them are interconnected and integrated by solving Client's problems. The work of each expert is taken into account and has an effective impact on the areas of competence of other experts involved both in complex and local projects.

At different times, in different regions of the country and in structures of a different profile - banking, financial, industrial, consulting, marketing, etc. - experts cooperating with the United Experts and working in the Group companies have accumulated their practical experience in conducting, developing and supporting business .

Our in-depth knowledge and accumulated experience, and professionalism, as a consequence,  enables us  effectively and at a high level to render a wide spectrum of consultancy services, required during conducting of commercial and non-commercial activities..

Our clients can exploit the resources of the whole team of the experts of different fields, which allows, more efficiently using their funds, to obtain a high quality product – independent  and professional point of view on the problems of the company or organization operation, as well as a set of measures aimed at solving existing and preventing forecasted problems. This is especially necessary and important for the dynamic development of business and the protection of investments.

A healthy, rational enterprise economy, built with the most efficient use of the legal field is the goal of each top manager. This is the holy of holies of any business or production. Understanding the importance of this task, we ensure complete privacy. We work according to the schedule most convenient for the Client, allowing to effectively provide the necessary information, reports and recommendations.